Welcome Microsoft Mesh 🤝👈

I was eagerly waiting for the Key Note from Satya in Microsoft Ignite 2021 👀 he started with Microsoft Cloud,Microsoft Teams , holo lens.. what’s new.. 🤔 Here is the new member Microsoft Mesh

‘I can join a birthday celebration with my extended family in India interacting as if we were physically together without any screen between us’ I heard this statement from Satya brought me goose bumps 🥸

Actually due to this COVID I couldn’t attend celebration out in India 😞 but this is really interesting 🧐 which will satisfy my requirement 🤗

What exactly Microsoft mesh is all about please refer the below Microsoft news letter link –


Technical information on Microsoft Mesh is as under –


Please refer below link for more information on Microsoft Mesh –


Here is a great article published in Forbes regarding Microsoft Mesh’s usability on Healthcare


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