Power Automate Desktop Step-by-Step

Here is a list of YouTube links which will help to understand power automate desktop step by step

Step by step PowerAutomate Desktop Playlist :


  1. (PowerAutomate)RPA & Power Automate History : https://youtu.be/LTv5sYjRLpY
  2. (PowerAutomate) Power Automate Desktop Installation : https://youtu.be/istI-Hi-YVU
  3. (PowerAutomate)Hello World & Excel Automation using Power Automate Desktop : https://youtu.be/5Y6TJ0RSWy0
  4. (PowerAutomate)New Excel with User Input & PDF Automation : https://youtu.be/Ym1PkSyEz7k
  5. (PowerAutomate) Web Automation + Variables + List : https://youtu.be/B1XfHOrThFM
  6. (PowerAutomate) Desktop Automation + User Input : https://youtu.be/3vcBBc0cWCQ

More videos coming soon for document processing,Process Advisor so do like & subscribe the channel 🙂

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