AI Builder form Processing & Document Automation(Preview)

The Document automation toolkit allows you to easily set up a rich and robust document processing solution using AI Builder, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Microsoft Dataverse.

Here is a video explaining AI Builder Form Processing & Document Automation (Preview)

For more information please refer below link from Microsoft

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Healthcare industry is always a critical business having its strict compliance & governance rules.

Microsoft is coming up with Microsoft Cloud for healthcare which is really crucial and helpful in this pandemic period.

Please refer below link for more information:

Please refer below microsoft documentation regarding this as under :

Please refer below video which explaining significance of app-source, different Microsoft Industry accelerators including the health care accelerator.

Microsoft training videos for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare as under :

Power Automate Desktop Step-by-Step

Here is a list of YouTube links which will help to understand power automate desktop step by step

Step by step PowerAutomate Desktop Playlist :

  1. (PowerAutomate)RPA & Power Automate History :
  2. (PowerAutomate) Power Automate Desktop Installation :
  3. (PowerAutomate)Hello World & Excel Automation using Power Automate Desktop :
  4. (PowerAutomate)New Excel with User Input & PDF Automation :
  5. (PowerAutomate) Web Automation + Variables + List :
  6. (PowerAutomate) Desktop Automation + User Input :

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PowerAutomate as Leader in Forrester Wave

Microsoft Power Automate entered as leader in Forrester Wave Q1 2021 report 🤩🤗. please refer below report snapshot

Earlier Microsoft entered as Visionaries as per Gartner’s magic quadrant in June 2020 report and now in Forrester wave report as leader.

Power Automate is evolving day by day. Please refer below blog mentioning why customer choose power automate.

Welcome Microsoft Mesh 🤝👈

I was eagerly waiting for the Key Note from Satya in Microsoft Ignite 2021 👀 he started with Microsoft Cloud,Microsoft Teams , holo lens.. what’s new.. 🤔 Here is the new member Microsoft Mesh

‘I can join a birthday celebration with my extended family in India interacting as if we were physically together without any screen between us’ I heard this statement from Satya brought me goose bumps 🥸

Actually due to this COVID I couldn’t attend celebration out in India 😞 but this is really interesting 🧐 which will satisfy my requirement 🤗

What exactly Microsoft mesh is all about please refer the below Microsoft news letter link –

Technical information on Microsoft Mesh is as under –

Please refer below link for more information on Microsoft Mesh –

Here is a great article published in Forbes regarding Microsoft Mesh’s usability on Healthcare–mixed-reality-platform-that-may-disrupt-healthcare/

Trend Analysis of Power Automate

Microsoft flow is now evolving and keep on expanding it’s scope. Initially it was ‘Microsoft flow’ with Automated Flow, Business process flow(BPF), Instant Flow… then it added UI Flow into the box ‘with selenium IDE’ .

Later in Ignite microsoft announced ‘Microsoft flow’ is coming up with RPA capability and name changed to Power Automate

After some days… got the news Microsoft took over Softomotive Ltd Which is the Niche player as per Gartner’s Magic Quadrant May 2019 report and Microsoft was not in the race of RPA products.

Anyways after this acquisition Softomotive‘s product WinAutomation is in the bucket of ‘Power Automate’ which added feather 🪶 to it which is already established name in RPA market and Microsoft gushed in to Gartner’s Magic quadrant June 2020 report as Visionaries.

Now Microsoft released new member Desktop flows with Process Advisor which are in preview. Already AI Builder entered in to The bucket of Power Automate. What’s next 🤔

Microsoft is addressing all %Process% automation 😀 like Robotic Process Automation, Digital Process Automation, Intelligent Process Automation, Business Process Management etc..

Just thought to check the trend analysis of Power Automate along with leading RPA products and result is amazing 🤩 graph is increasing for Power Automate from last one year worldwide. Attached the snapshot for easy reference and anybody can analyse from their end as well.. 😊

Anyways let’s wait and watch where is this Hyper Automation journey is leading. Thanks!