Explore the new AI Builder homepage

Microsoft announced the release of AI Builder’s new home page. It is available at https://aka.ms/tryaibuilder. Microsoft made a complete redesign so you can better understand which model fits your scenario. Try it out with a few clicks, get inspiration from customer’s stories, and learn how to use it more easily.

Get introduced to AI Builder

Microsoft has added a video presenting AI Builder and how it can help to enhance your business.

Simpler to discover models

It’s now simpler to find the AI model that suits your needs:

  • Microsoft improved readability to start from the type of content you need to process: DocumentsTextStructured data, and Images.
  • The scenario-oriented description allows you to understand which model applies to your use case.
  • Distinction between models prebuilt by Microsoft that can be used right away, and models requiring training data, is more clearly identifiable.
AI Builder explore page with "custom model" badge
  • Microsoft also made it faster to assess the model capabilities by using your own data or the samples provided.

Learn by example

You can also learn how to get started with AI Builder by accessing the tutorials or videos created by the community.

Get inspiration on how to apply AI Builder in your business

Finally, you can get inspiration from other customers who enhanced their processes with AI Builder and be informed about the latest additions made to the product.

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