Power Pages

Create a trial account to check the Power Pages.

Next page will be as under then you can select as per your preference, or you can skip too. But I selected as I don’t have any experience to see what’s next for me 😊

Next, I have been prompted with, to select a template for my site or else you can select Blank page too to start from scratch.

Let’s proceed to select an existing template as I am a layman. You can preview the template before selecting in Desktop and Mobile mode. If you want to proceed with the template, click on ‘Choose this template’.

After choosing the template it will prompt us to select site name and available web address as per below snapshot.

Once you click on ‘Done’ then it will display a design studio with tools to build my website. You can preview the site clicking on Preview button on right top.

Under Pages tab you can add and modify pages.

Under Styling tab, you can add and modify designs of the page with styling options.

Under Data tab you can add your fresh new table, or you can use existing table from Dataverse.

Under Setup tab you can add your security settings and permissions.

If you have no coding experience then you can use the tools available on design studio or else you can use ‘Edit Code’ on right top to write the code for your site and then sync it to reflect as under,

 After easy modifications and changes now, my site is ready as under,

By Default site is Private which you can configure to make it public using set up tab as under,

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