Access Levels in Dynamics CE

The access levels show the level at which a user can interact with rows within a given table. The portion of the circle filled illustrates the levels. The levels are None, User, Business Unit, Parent-Child Business Unit, and Organization. You need to click in the circle to change the level. Each click with change the fill and/or color. Click in the circle until it is the level desired is selected.
User level (basic): This gives a user access to rows that the user owns or anything shared with the user or team that the user belongs to. You would want to use this setting if you want the user only to access their own rows. You would not want salespeople to be able to delete other sales people’s accounts or leads.
Business Unit (local): This allows access to the data of other users in a business unit. A business unit has to be setup within Dynamics 365 and can be a hierarchy of a department. Sales managers would want to see all his/her subordinates’ rows
Parent-Child Business Units (deep): This will give the user access to all the business units they belong to along with any business units that are subordinate to the user’s business unit.
Organizational (global): This user has access to all the rows in the organization. If you have a Salesperson able to add products from any level of the organization, you would want him to have access to all the organizational products and not just the ones available for his business unit.

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