New ways to innovate with AI and Microsoft Power Automate

At Microsoft Ignite 2022, Microsoft announced some exciting innovations for Microsoft Power Automate, empowering makers and pro-coders with new ways to automate and scale enterprise-wide with AI.

Creating flows is the foundation of Power Automate, and now you can describe what you want to automate in a sentence, and an AI-based copilot will build your flow in seconds. No searching or guesswork, just describe it and let the copilot work its magic.

This new way to create flows runs on OpenAI Codex, an AI model descendant of GPT-3 that can translate natural language to code, in this case, Power Automate cloud flows. This is the same technology behind GitHub Copilot and Power Apps Ideas (preview). At launch, Microsoft supporting key Microsoft 365 connectors and in the coming months, Microsoft expand to include more.

To learn more and how to start using the copilot, see the description to flow documentation page.

Screen where a user has typed a description of a scenario to automate, and a suggested flow generated by AI is shown.

Please refer below blog for more information –

New ways to innovate with AI and Microsoft Power Automate | Power Automate Blog

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