Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform Data Centre Regions

1North America (NAM)
2United States Government Community Cloud
(US GCC) High
3Microsoft Cloud Germany (DEU)
4China (CHN)
5South America (LATAM/ SAM)
6Canada (CAN)
7Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA/ EUR)
8Asia Pacific (APAC/ APJ)
9Australia (OCE)
10Japan (JPN)
11India (IND)
12North America 2 (US Gov GCC)
13United Kingdom (UK/ GBR)
14France (FRA)
15South Africa (ZAF)
16United Arab Emirates (UAE)
17Germany (GER)
18Switzerland (CHE)
19Norway (NOR)
20Singapore (SGP)
21Korea (KOR)

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