Environments in Power Platform Admin Centre & Backup Environment

  • When user click on Environments in power platform admin center, they can see screen as per below which has options for

+ New – To create new environment

Refresh – Refresh the environment

Recover deleted environments – To recover the environment which is deleted

  • When click on + New it will popup a dialog to fill for environment creation as per below snapshot
  • When user click on recover deleted environment it will display list of deleted environments. When user click onit displays option to Recover & History as per below snapshot
  • On click of History it displays history of the environment as per below snapshot.
  • When user click onas highlighted in above snapshot user can see lot of options on top panel and on the selection panel as per below snapshot.
  • Open – Will help to open the URL in the browser to load the environment.
  • Convert to Production – If the selected environment is non-production, then it will display option to convert to Production.
  • Backups- On click of Backups system will display option to Create or Restore or manage as per below snapshot

On click of Create it will ask to label and quickly it will create a backup of the environment.

On click of Restore or manage system will display below snapshot

User can create new backup using + New Backup along with that user can see system backups by entering date and time / manual backup taken by the user.

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