Share Records in Dynamics CRM

  • Please Open Power Platform Admin Centre by
  • Navigate to Environment –> select environment –> Settings –> Products –> Privacy + Security as per below snapshot
  • Enable Sharing as highlighted in below snapshot which will share read only record to the shared person.
  • After enabling, when user open any record they will see Share icon as per below snapshot.
  • Users need to click on email link and select the To recipient as per below snapshot.
  • Then recipient will get an email with the link.
  • In case user want to revoke the access then he/she can click on Share icon on the record and click on Manage Access.
  • Then you will see below screen which will display whom you have shared the record and select the records from which you want to revoke the access.
  • Then uncheck the privileges as per my snapshot I have unchecked Read and clicked on Share as per below snapshot and you noticed in the snapshot record is already unshared.

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